Thursday, June 28, 2007

And For Your Viewing Pleasure ~ Evening Thoughts

It was a day full of frantic activity, a doctor appointment, back to work and more frantic activity around me. And to make the evening complete, I had to leave work much later than normal and missed the best connection to the bus I needed. As I'm trekking my way to the train ~ I get a phone call from my new (as in brand new) maintenance man who is having trouble drilling a lock.

Back to the complex ... and yes, there definitely was a problem. Forty minutes later, back to the train to catch the bus home. (I was NOT singing three buses and a train!) There was yet another phone call from maintenance newbie - and while I'm getting someone to help him out...the cell phone battery runs out and the phone shuts completely down. The wonders of electronica - all my phone numbers and contacts were in the phone. So, I was without a way to call ... even if I'd borrowed a phone.

It was a good time to just put things into perspective.

As to the Doctor visit - she is working this from an interesting perspective ~ rather than trying to start with what it could be, she is starting with what the problem isn't. So, several serious issues were eliminated today - being honest: TB and such are not the problem. The illness is not behaving as bronchitis should, however, she is strongly leaning toward that and/or a viral outbreak...and it treating it as such. I may not have any internal bugs left when she's done! And hopefully, there will be no major side effects from the medications. I didn't care for the two shots I got - and certainly have no desire for any more!!

The visit today was a relief to me. It's amazing how the mind can add worry on top of worry, without any grounds. Of course, there's always those around who want to add their two cents into the mix ~ mostly with dire stories of someone who died from just what I've had going on - or ended up in a terrible state and have I been tested for (insert name of Disease de Jour here)? I know they were only trying to offer comfort and care.

The comments and emails I received were more in line with the community I enjoy. My dear friend EB sent me a delightful card today that made my heart sing this morning.

I could have played "hide and seek" and said nothing, but "sardines" is much more fun and allows people to share in all facets of life.

There is more to share - but I'm very tired, and the medicine is "kicking my butt."

--more later

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dmmgmfm said...

Take good care of yourself, Bill. Don't let work drag you down too far or it'll take you weeks to get well.

And that's an order!!! ;-)

Great big hugs,