Friday, September 30, 2011

And the beat goes on and on and on ~

As if living in a house that is still unfinished isn't enough ... I'm beginning to resemble someone on the show "Hoarders: Buried Alive".  The kitchen cabinets STILL haven't arrived which means there is nothing in the kitchen except a temporary sink/counter, microwave and "hallelujah" a coffee maker!!!

I'm grateful for electronic connections and the ability to store a lot of different information so that I don't have to remember it ... however (comma)...there is a down side.

I dropped my android phone cracking the screen - rendering it useless in about 2 hours.

I got a new phone - thanks to insurance - and then the problem hit. Sprint was unable to transfer my contacts - which are backed up on gmail. No problem you say? Unfortunately, I listened to gmail and put the 2 step authentication on the account.

This process involves a program ON THE PHONE...which, of course, I don't have access to. I am now up to email 5 with gmail trying to prove that I own the #$& #@&* %&$$& account. Grrrrrrr. Hopefully, this last round will solve the problem.

But based one something their CEO said 3 years ago I don't hold out much hope:

"Mr. Badros argued that Google asks so little personal information of a new Gmail customer that it's hard to determine identity when the genuine user and the impostor both present themselves to claim the account, and neither can produce the verification. He said more information could be asked of users when they sign up, but the inconvenience would dissuade them from trying the service.

Mr. Gilbert added that proving identity with only minimal information is a problem, whatever form of communication is used to reach customer support. He said, "Even if they were standing right in front of us, it wouldn't help."" Stay tuned for information about the house ... and the email....