Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mea Culpa ~ Late Evening Thoughts.

I apologize for not posting over the last several days. It's been quite hectic here. I am literally building my life from the ground up and building my apartment from the ground up.

I have been in the midst of getting furniture, bedroom furniture and literally everything that is needed as I had absolutely nothing. I have a very nice two bedroom apartment now - one bedroom is going to become the computer room and craft room.

It has been an adventure to actually have to decide what I want and where I want it to be ... something quite new and exciting for me!!!

I have a few items left to get ~ one of which is a TV (of course) ... then this Friday, my daughter and I are going to unpack and set up the apartment. We have a time slot that the bed will be delivered, a time slot for the cable and internet... Thursday the computer is going to be packed to go to the apartment. I will, however, be able to post as I have been using my son-in-law's computer.

---more tomorrow