Saturday, December 9, 2006

Saturday Morning ~

Poor Santa ~

First he is angry about the what's been happening in his workshop . . .

It seems the 12 fiddlers fiddling have all come down with some kind of disease from fiddling with the 10 ladies dancing,

The 11 lords leaping may have gotten pregnant the 8 maids a-milking, who obviously weren't.

And the 9 pipers piping have been arrested for doing weird possibly illegal things to the 7 swans a-swimming.

The 6 geese a-laying are, but it's not eggs, it's the 3 French hens,

The 4 calling birds, 2 turtle doves, and that partridge in the pear tree are having their own little nasty party.

And nobody can find the 5 gold rings.

Then - to make matters worse:

Not were there problems with the lords, ladies, geese and all...he was really angry because the elves were threatening to go on strike over tea breaks.

Mrs. Claus was beginning to show signs of PMS - and was continually complaining about the dirty laundry he leaves her every year.

The reindeer had gotten into the sour mash, and Rudolf was trying to sober them up to be ready to fly.

And to top everything else - the angel Santa had sent out to get the last Christmas tree to be delivered STILL hadn't returned, and it had been over 4 hours.

Finally - the angel returned dragging the most bedraggled tree Santa could ever even imagine...stopped in the doorway and said: "Hey, fat man ... where do you want me to put this thing?"

And thus was born the tradition of the angel on the tree top.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Evening thoughts~

Today, six hours was spent in an ER center with a dear friend that was in need. When they called him "back" to the hidden area, I was left for most of the time by myself. It gave me a chance to watch people and see what was going on with them. The hospital allowed two times to "visit" my friend in the back area. Which in itself added some surprises. Of course, discovering they had "misplaced" my friend only added to the day.

ER poem 1

I saw the fear
in his eyes.
The not knowing,
not comprehending,
naked fear.

It was all so strange
doing strange
frightening things.

He bit his lower
lip and tried not to

But a small tear
dripped down his
He brushed it away
with a grimy

The man didn't understand
where he was -
who these people were -
what needed to be done.

The daughter was firm
and somewhat
out of patience.
Her firmness became

It evidently was
as a drill to his
Which melted
much as the boy's
tear had
But there was
no hand
to brush
it away.

ER poem 2
The trauma team
all wear
black shirts.
Around them
an occasional
flash of
white whirling

I don't think
I would
want to wake
up surrounded
by black shirts.
There are times
my life is
black enough
as it is.

Early morning thoughts

Be entirely tolerant or not at all; follow the good path or the evil one. To stand at the crossroads requires more strength than you possess.
Heinrich Heine

Ordinarily he was insane, but he had lucid moments when he was merely stupid.
Heinrich Heine

There are more fools in the world than there are people.
Heinrich Heine

Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings.
Heinrich Heine, From his play "Almansor" (1821)

Thursday, December 7, 2006

a day remembered ..

Today is a day that was remarked upon as "a day that shall live in infamy." On this day veterans remember their lost comrades, and try to pass on to a younger generation what happened and why. It is important that we hear what is being said. Remember that those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. And we need no more repeats.
The was the day Pearl Harbor was attacked.

Perhaps December 7th should be more about the many young men who lost their lives so horribly. So many young men died deaths that were hell incarnate.

General Robert E. Lee said it is good war is so horrible, lest we grow too fond of it.

To the those who survived Pearl Harbor, we know and hear your pain. The pain of losing your comrades. The pain of having lost your innocence.

Let us then mark December 7th as a day when we should be seeking new avenues of resolving differences. Look at the pain and say only: There has to be a better way to resolve our problems. If we don't, then we know what lies ahead for our children and our future generations.

Here is a link that will allow you to send a personalized postcard to the troops overseas. This is sponsored by XEROX and over 5 million cards of these cards have been delivered.

Early Morning thoughts

The ending of a friendship
is as final and as painful
the click of a coffin lid.

The comma is
nothing more
than a period going fishing.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

grateful for all ~

Since I don't drive, the bus is my usual form of transportation. Several weeks ago, during some really wet, nasty weather, I watched a very elderly, frail gentleman get on the bus with two plastic shopping bags. I became concerned because it was obvious he was not well - at one point he almost passed out from coughing. The bus driver didn't even ask him for the fare. He sat across from me, and I realized that not only was he not well, but homeless - everything in those two bags was everything he had. Several tried to offer things - but he was (I think) too concerned with getting in trouble with the bus driver - who already had an "I'm thinking how to take care of this" look.

I teared up as I sat there, and realized that no matter what is going on in my life, whatever might not be working well in my body I need to be grateful. I have been blessed. A couple of stops before mine, he got off.

When my stop came as I was leaving, I put the fare for the gentleman in the fare box, and thanked the driver for his kindness.

Old Man In The Park

By David Lewis

Old man why do you walk so slow?
To give me time to see the flowers grow.

Old man why do you stop and linger?
To listen to the birds, natures singer.

Old man why do you smile as lovers walk past?
I remember my youth, which passed so fast.

Old man what is your wish for the world today?
That people love people, stop wars without delay.

Old man who is the Lady by your side?
My wife, now almost seventy years a bride.

Old man,sometimes you look sad, then smile!
Come walk with me, share my dreams, down the last enchanted mile.


Tuesday, December 5, 2006

True Happiness

Generally, I don't post verbatim what another post has said. So much uncredited "ripping" from other blogs that goes on...

This came from "A Flat With A View," a blog that I follow daily. This article was so wonderful, powerful and true, that I asked if I could post it in it's entirety. I have created a link to the original post, so you can leave comments there if you would like.

I hardly share my feelings with people not even my close friends. I feel that every one has their own daily “crosses to bear” and it not fair for me to burden them with my sobbing stories and feelings. Besides, I try as hard as I could not to fall into the tempting traps of whining and self-pity because they are toxic and emotional draining.

Yet, once in awhile, my mutual friends somehow sense my emotions (without me telling them) and shower me with random acts of kindness. Naturally, I am deeply touched by their generous gestures.

For example, I was feeling a little low last night and suddenly a friend sent me a text to offer me some words of encouragement. The text message is about true happiness and after reading it, I felt propped up. I just want to share it here and hope it will prop you all up as well:-

Happiness is not something
That someone else,
Like a lover can give us.
We have to achieve it ourselves.
And the only way to do is
By developing our character and capacity as human beings
By fully maximizing our potential.
If we sacrifice our growth and talent for love,
We absolutely will not find happiness.
True happiness is obtained through fully realising our potential.

link to original post

(and let me add:)
As we reach within ourselves, we will find what truly makes us happy and content. As we reach within ourselves, we will find the capacity to reach out to others, and in the process help them to reach what they can be.

Delete, delete ... opps!

The beauty of e-mail is the quickness of sending, receiving and replying. No more waiting a day or two or three - now, a few clicks and it's sent. And with certain people, a few moments and a reply.

However, with that quickness came a sickness - spam (used to be the junk mail I tossed into the garbage can) and all the helpful advice.

This is my way of saying thanks for all the helpful advice I've received:

--Because of rat poop in the glue on envelopes, I now use a wet towel (or my cat's tongue) with every envelope that needs sealing.

--I now scrub the top of every can I open for the same reason.

--I no longer have any savings because I gave it to a sick girl who is about to die in the hospital for the 1,387,258th time.

--I no longer eat a any fast-food chicken place because their chickens are actually horrible mutant freaks with no eyes or feathers.

--I now longer eat fast-food hamburgers as their meat is nothing more than ground-up worms.

--I no longer use cancer-causing deodorants even though I smell like a water buffalo on a hot day.

--I have learned that my prayers get answered if I forward an email to seven of my friends and make a wish within five minutes. (and I will get my answer within four hours)

--I longer drink a certain brand of cola because it can remove toilet stains and clean crud off car battery connections.

--I no longer use plastic wrap in the microwave because it causes cancer.

--I no longer boil a cup water in the microwave anymore because it will blow up in my face disfiguring me for life.

--I no longer check the coin return on pay phones because I could be pricked with a needle infected with some deadly disease.

--I no longer go to shopping malls because someone will drug me with a perfume sample and rob me.

--I no longer talk to people as they may drug me and steal several of my vital organs.

--I no longer receive packages from any courier company since they are all actually terrorists in disguise.

--I no longer answer the phone because someone will ask me to dial a number for which I will get a gazillion dollar phone bill with calls to Jamaica, Uganda, Singapore and Uzbekistan or Seattle.

--I no longer have any sneakers, I sent them to a kid in Namibia - but that will change once I receive my free replacement pair from Nike.

--I no longer buy expensive cookies from Neiman Marcus since I now have their $250 recipe.

--I can't use anyone's toilet but mine because a big brown African spider is lurking under the seat to cause me instant death when it bites my bottom. And I spray mine each time with bug spray just to make sure!

--I can live a better life now because Andy Rooney has told me how to fix everything.

--I don't ever pick up $1.00 in the parking lot because it probably was placed there by a sex molester waiting underneath a car to grab my leg.

--I can no longer drive my car because I can't buy gas from certain oil companies on ceratain days.

--I took out a 2nd mortgage on my house, but I'll be able to pay it off as soon as all the exciting stocks I received "private tips" about reach their full potential.

-- I will have health insurance coverage for any condition known or un-known as soon as the 16 policies I purchased come to me.

-- I no longer watch TV as people will send me the clips of the shows I miss and wanted to miss. And, I no longer have to go out to see people make idiots of themselves, the clips are available 24/7.

-- I will share the 17 million I'm about to receive from the overseas government official trying to escape with a lot of money, with all my friends. (Yes, I know he only offered me 10% of it - but I'm greedy!)

--As soon as Bill Gates/AOL/Netscape and the others pay off for participating in their special e-mail tracking program, I will move all the money into an off-shore bank, which I will incorporate in Nevada.

--And my love life (sex life?) will certainly improve when all the cheap enhancement drugs I can order ONLY by e-mail arrive.

So, for now - I'm enjoying my cup of coffee and trying to decide on which overnight, no exercise weight loss drug I should order!

Perchance to dream ...

The darkness mocks me
from the window.
My mind mocks me
in the house.
My bed mocks me
in my

My mind continues

Was I too...
Should I have
What would be the
I ....

The restlessness of
The driving worry
of caring.

There is so much
to do
to be
to become
to change
to hope
to give.

Finally I realize
that this
is all
That this
is all taking
who I am
What I am
What I can be.

I can feel things
fade away.
The nagging thoughts
drive on down

I am becoming at
peace again.

The darkness welcomes
my sleep from the window.
My mind turns into
a sanctuary of
peace and quiet.
My bed welcomes
back to be
at rest.
To feel at home,
once again.

Monday, December 4, 2006

The Queen(s)

I'm an avid follower of The New York Post's Page Six. This morning, while enjoying a cup of coffee, I read this item:

Think Of Spam

IF you ever get an audience with Queen Elizabeth II and are unsure of how to act, don't worry - her courtiers will send you a memo. All the VIPs who walked the red carpet at the new James Bond movie "Casino Royale" premiere, including Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Judi Dench and Chris Cornell, received "extensive training" and a pamphlet describing "Royal Protocol." It said the Queen was to be referred to as "Her Majesty" or "Ma'am" - which was to rhyme with "spam" or "lamb." Some cast members actually had the pamphlet folded in their pockets on the night of the screening.

It reminded me of a story about Virgil Fox, the great classical organist/showman. Virgil was never known for his subtlety (anyone wearing a pink lined full cape could hardly be described as subtle!) He was also famous, from what I understand, for referring to everyone as "honey" with astounding results sometimes. Obviously, he had never received he pamphlet about addressing the Queen (from a queen)because as the story goes, he also greeted Her Majesty as "honey." I have no reports as to her reaction.

My personal introduction to Virgil was as amusing as all Virgil stories seem to be. I was going to school in Missoula, MT and the owners of the Wilma Theater (more on that for later posts!) were refurbishing their theater organ. The person in charge of this was a brilliant theater organist by the name of Andy Crow. Since Virgil toured with the "heavy organ" for the Rogers Organ Company, Andy went along to set the beast up and make sure all was working. Andy had left me his number should there be any problems with the organ - and there was.

The organ developed a severe case of "cypher" ... stuck pipe that tweets away continually. I called the number and someone other than Andy answered the phone. I said I needed to speak to Andy about an organ problem (not the best choice of words). There was a deep chuckle, then the voice announced himself as Virgil Fox and stated he knew something about organs (another chuckle) and what was the problem. Stuttering and stammering (being in the presence of someone like that even on the phone could do that to me!) I outlined the problem. Virgil told me to get a pen and paper. This caused much scrambling on my part. He then began to outline the steps that I should take. I was copying the great man's steps down exactly. The one point that threw me was to get a large hammer. Step by step he continued to outline the points. The last of which was to "find the offending pipe and beat the "hell out of it with the hammer." His last statement to me was: "Honey, I'll have Andy call you back." and he hung up.

Virgil was obsessed with making great organ music popular with everyone (which did NOT make him popular with other organists and the Guild of American Organists) . He wasn't content just to tour, sit at the console, play a few pieces and then leave. He believed that his audiences should be involved, thrilled and participate in the experience. What really convinced him this could happen was his performance at the Fillmore East - known only for it's rock concerts> This being the 70's, it also was known for a rather heavy cloud of smoke not from cigarettes(!) and other-um-mind enhancers. (how's that for beating around the bush?)

The unverified story at the time was that Virgil's secretary was not at the office when a call came. Virgil answered it and it was the Fillmore East wanting him to perform. Virgil had no idea who they were, but since they wanted a concert, he checked his schedule and the date was free. He said that his secretary/booking agent would call them back to finalize. The secretary was stunned and explained to Virgil exactly where he would be playing and for whom. Virgil loved it!! He then realized he needed to "add" to the concert and went to a large lighting design firm and said he wanted a "Bach light show." They designed one, and for the next 9 years Virgil toured with the "heavy organ" and the "heavy lights."

Virgil's performance at the Fillmore is the (trite phrase) stuff-of-legends. He wore a velvet "Lord Fauntleroy" outfit. And talked before, during and after each piece. Of course, his record company recorded the event, and the recording was quite a sensation. At one point during one of the pieces a very stoned voice cries out: "Goooooo Virgil!" Without missing a beat, Virgil says into the microphone: "Johann Sebastian Bach and I are very glad you're here."

There is also the story of the dirty joke that was on the record, but I will have to listen to the recording again and make sure.

I'm including two clips of Virgil performing ... the first is just a concert clip beautifully photographed. The second is from a Boston Pops performance, and gives a wonderful idea of just how involved his audiences could get.

Let me add - Virgil was always in control. Although he was considered flashy and flamboyant ... he did more to remove the fear of classic music and the classical music experience than anyone and that includes Walt Disney's "Fantasia." He introduced many to classical music for the first time, and I can vouch that his concerts got many people to search further into classical music and performances.

Frantic Monday Morning

And then the alarm -
I knew something was going off
and it hurt.
The dream had been so special,
so sweet,

but now I don't remember
what it was.

Now, I have to remember -
papers -
and what I had said
that I was going to
this day.
This day, the first day
of the week.
Where is this week heading?
Forget that!
Where is this day heading?
What about this moment?
I long to climb back
onto the lap of the
of yesterday.
The hope
of yesterday.
All this longing,
needing solitude
wanting peace.
And now I
remember ~
I'm almost
out of gas in
the car.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Let it snow, let it snow, STOP THE SNOW!!!!

A dear friend "sunshine" and her husband awoke to these pictures yesterday morning at 7:30am!

I have two clips for anyone surrounded with snow and ice...I can’t make it go away, but hopefully, I can provide a light moment in the middle of shoveling!!!

Here's a poem from that really touched me!!
by Louis Jenkins
Unlike the Eskimos we only have one word for snow but we have a lot of modifiers for that word. There is too much snow, which, unlike rain, does not immediately run off. It falls and stays for months. Someone wished for this snow. Someone got a deal, five cents on the dollar, and spent the entire family fortune. It's the simple solution, it covers everything. We are never satisfied with the arrangement of the snow so we spend hours moving the snow from one place to another. Too much snow. I box it up and send it to family and friends. I send a big box to my cousin in California. I send a small box to my mother. She writes "Don't send so much. I'm all alone now. I'll never be able to use so much." To you I send a single snowflake, beautiful, complex and delicate; different from all the others.

I'll do windows, but I won't shovel it!!

I'll make hot chocolate, but I won't help you clean off your car!!!!

Meditative Sunday Moments

Sunday has always been a time for me to take time. I like to sit back, enjoy some music and just take a few moments/minutes just for myself. I allow the frantic moments of the week (and this week there have been quite a few) to fade away. I allow the joy of the week (again, there have been quite a few) to flow through me.

Hopefully, you can enjoy it as well. I’m including two clips that might help ... meditative sights and sounds!!!

Regardless of your spiritual stance, time to free,accept, release and renew is so important!!.

UPDATE: 2:12am Monday -- the videos may not be showing up -- I'm trying to solve the problem. Thanks ..wd