Thursday, February 1, 2007

What Would You Ask~

I admit it ~ I did it all by myself. I have a blog that I follow almost daily. I find him funny, biting and quite honest about himself and his world.

Last week, he offered a question to his readers. It was simply titled "truth or dare."
His simple question was to ask his readers to say which one. I posted truth, as being the most interesting. Little did I know ..... (cue theme from Jaws) ~

He then issued this challenge after we had posted our choice of the word truth or dare. We were to post our truth question or dare challenge with the understanding that he, in turn, would post something for us that we had to we posted a dare - he would accomplish the dare and then dare us.

I've been tossing ideas around ... but I wanted to ask ~ what would you ask someone if the opportunity presented itself? Would you ask them a dare? Truth? ... Just wondering.

Yes, I have posted a truth for him, and yes - you'll see his truth to me here. I promise (NO my fingers are NOT crossed!!!)

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