Saturday, February 24, 2007

Blogging Is Better Then ~

A number of years ago (in a galaxy far away) a dessert called "better than sex" became very, very popular. Of course, that lead to so many things being called better then sex.

Yesterday I ran across this delightful post by Engtech and I laughed and chuckled for quite some time (even at the party last night I was still chuckling about it).

5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Better Than Sex (With Me)
(Please don't call the SPCA)

1. Reason number one
  • Blogging: I can connect anonymously with thousands of strangers a day.
  • Sex: I can connect anonymously with thousands of strangers a day *IF* I move to New York City.
2. Reason number two
  • Blogging: Technorati will show all the people who are linked to me and it doesn’t make me look like a big slut.
  • Sex: Six degrees of Paris Hilton. (as one of his comments said: that's enough to make me celibate)
3 Reason number three
  • Blogging: I can get the cat involved without the horribly judging eyes of friends and strangers.
  • Sex: Fur is hard to clean
4. Reason number four
  • Blogging: Increased visibility means more page views and a larger audience.
  • Sex: Increased visibility means someone is going to call the cops
5. Reason number five
  • Blogging: Googlebot will crawl your pages quite often and share them with the world.
  • Sex: Googlebot never calls you back.

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