Saturday, January 27, 2007

Take Time ~ Early Morning Thoughts

I ran across this poem today, and fell immediately in love with it. Hopefully, you will enjoy it as well.

Take Time For The Little Things

Take notice the dewy web clinging cautiously to the morning grass.
Take feel the fire's warm glow, and hear the crackling wood as it sparks randomly upwards.
Take smell the sweet aroma of cookies wafting from the bustling kitchen.
Take appreciate the laughter of children enjoying the first days of Spring.
Take listen of the rushing stream as it glides swiftly under fallen limbs and over mossy pebbles.
Take admire the diligence of the chattering squirrels seeking stores for their winter nests.
Take wonder at the intricate crystal patterns frosting early morning windows.
Take notice arid, shriveled leaves crunching with each step, along the tree-lined path.
Take watch Autumn's crispness paint changes from branch to branch, decorating the landscape for a short time.
Take feel the cool breeze blowing in the promise of a summer rain.
Take hear the clicking crickets echoing in the blackness.
Take count the stars as they emerge from the graying sky, one by one filling the dark.
Take hear the lapping waves pound against the grainy surface, then recede in answer.
Take enjoy the fragrant scents of blooming newness and life, sprouting an array of colors where brown slept many long months.
Take follow a firefly as it winks across open-air chasing the evening silence.
Take share a smile.
Take give a hug.
Take acknowledge a kindness.
Take tell someone you care.
Take say, I love you.
--Barbara S. Gosa

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