Saturday, January 27, 2007

Poem In The Morning ~ Early Morning Thoughts

I wrote this poem and tucked it away. I shared it on a very active forum that I am a member of, and decided to share it here....

I look at your body lying next to me
on a bed rumpled by passion
by love
by animal magnetism.

I remember how we met,
We drank
we talked
We drank
We made mad passionate love.

And for me the earth moved
Falling out of bed
trying a move

And for me there were lights in the sky.
knocking the lamp off
the night stand.
But the flashes radiated from within
and without ...
to reach deep within a part of me.

I see you with the
soft morning light
falling across your hair and face.
The softness of your faint

The gentle curves of
your neck and chest.

And I am forced to
forced to say
The five words I have
dreaded and longed
most of my

“What was your name again?”

photo by Steve Savage
shore painting by Michael Ireland

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