Sunday, December 24, 2006

Early Morning Thoughts ~ leaving

I will be gone for today (12/24) and tomorrow (12/25). I will be staying with dear friends who are becoming family to me (see yesterdays early morning thoughts). As they have no computer, I will have no access to post.

So let me take this time to wish you and yours the best of the holiday!!! May the spirit that should be a part of all throughout the year be with you!!!

And as the new year bears down ... it is a good time to begin to evaluate:

Stretch ourselves in new directions:

And finally soar where we never thought we would be able to go:

and what's the most exciting - it is ALL up to us individually.

Enjoy days of christmas, enjoy those around - make the most of the opportunities presented to us to be part of someone's life and to make a difference in their life and in our own!!

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