Monday, March 24, 2008

An Elegant Time Waster ~ Late Evening Thoughts

With this month marking seven months of sobriety, I was invited to attend a rehearsal for a production number of a club show - and possibly offer help. This involved going to a country-western club here in Houston. After some thought, I decided that as I had a purpose in being there ~ I would be alright. And I was ... uh ... except for one tiny problem. In order to smoke in Houston, there has to be a porch. This club had one, so out I went to have a cigarette. (Nasty habit, I know!) They even had two tents with seating under them. I am heading to the seats under one of the tents, which should have been no problem ~ right?

Alas and alack... I didn't see the cinder blocks that were holding up the supports. I, stone cold sober, sprawled flat on my face, after hitting my knees. Fortunately, the only thing hurt was my pride ... and sipping on my cold sprite made me feel even better. Note to self: watch for obstacles on floors!

Tonight I am posting a wonderful - elegant time waster for the mathematicians in all of us. Well, the mathematicians in you -- I have NO math skill.

The object is to convert the numbers of PI to musical notes ...

This is the 2nd screen you will see ....

A truly lovely time waster ....

---> CLICK HERE <---

Oh and some of the other time wasters listed there are quite fun as well!!!

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