Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Coal Becomes A Diamond ~ Early Evening Thoughts

The response and viewings of my post, Nodrin King's posts and Though Lovers Be Lost post about Paul Potts has been interesting and very heartening. The videos haunted me all day today ~ even to the point I was tempted (ONLY tempted) to sneak another look at them while at work today. (I said only TEMPTED!)

So many people in the audience (to say nothing of the judges ~ although I have some sympathy for them ~ have you seen America's Got Talent?) had prejudged him as he walked out on stage, settled themselves in for a possibly dreadful performance ~ then he opened his mouth and that wonderful, powerful and amazing voice rang out.
Of course, one of the major questions I got was: "Did he win?" Yes, he did ~ and with no further editorializing ~ here is the video clip of the announcement. Another question I had was: "Would he have made it on America's Got Talent?" I don't know ... but I would hope so.

And I certainly hope that the people with the rights to "Britain's Got Talent" will continue to allow these clips to be seen by as many people as possible.

And I certainly don't want to pass over any diamonds in myself or others that might be disguised as a lump of coal.

--more tomorrow night


Anonymous said...

wd, I had a look on youtube this evening, and there was a video posted of Paul and his wife along with one of the judges (the gent who is not Simon Cowell, and his name escapes me at the moment) on a UK morning chat show. He was saying he had only had about two hours sleep, he will be in the U.S. for a performance on the Today Show (according to the UK press), and Simon Cowell has signed him to a million pound recording contract and he starts in the studio next week.

And I couldn't be more thrilled for Mr. Potts! If he ever comes to Toronto, I'll be in line to get tickets to see him.

I showed my Mom the clips on my MacBook after we had dinner tonight. She was blown away too, and loved the look on the judges' faces when he started to sing at his audition.

Wow, what a talent!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and they were saying on the chat show, because of the huge popularity of the video clips on the internet, they already have bookings made for him to perform in a number of places. Sounds like they are going to have to arrange a concert tour for him!

So, apparently bloggers and YouTube posters have made these clips hugely popular around the world.

And like the audiences from the audition process forward, I wanted to stand up and cheer too!