Thursday, March 29, 2007

F.Y.I. ~ Houses, Puppies and Something New

I'm going to be house AND puppy sitting for the next few days. I've written about D&D before, and they have asked me to watch the house and "mother" their two puppies (read: small horses!) while they are away. I will be gone from today (3.29) until Sunday evening (4.1 - no NOT an April Fool Joke). Unfortunately, there is no Internet connection at their place, so it is doubtful that I will post during that time.

As this is Spring and all, I want to mark it as a time of new beginnings. A time of hope, laughter and ... love.

I vow to remember that today is a new day
Full of new beginnings and fresh moments
Today, I will not cling to events of yesterday nor yesteryear
But stay connected with what today brings.
I will not madly pursue my desires at the expense of others
Nor flee from challenging tasks.
I will remain true to the unfolding process of today
Without losing myself in thoughts of what was or what might be.
I will treat today with awareness and sensitivity
Even in the most ordinary of tasks.
I will apply myself wholeheartedly to the fullness of today
For I know that today holds the resource for authenticity.


dmmgmfm said...

What great pictures you've chosen. I hope you enjoy dog (horse) sitting.

Anonymous said...

Great pix of Aurora Borealis.

Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings, and you're right why not start today!

Rick Rockhill said...

love the photos...and after I read thruI was so inspired. thanks for the "pick me up"

Anonymous said...

These pictures are stunning! I especially love the one of the man with his hands raised to the sky in worship. I've done that myself.