Saturday, December 23, 2006

One Of Each Is Fine ~

It's almost C-day and just in case you are still wondering what to get your significant or in-significant other, I have a few last minute shopping suggestions!!!

Jewel-Encrusted Ice Bucket $100,000 PLUS $1,500 per bottle

Not content with storing your bottle of bubbly in the fridge? Taffin jeweler James de Givenchy has created a platinum-lined Krug commissioned ice bucket with white opals dotting the red lacquer exterior. Combine it with a bottle of prestige cuvee and you have yourself a party.

Diamond Earrings

These 60 carat, flawless drop diamond earrings are sure to please those who love their ice.

For more information, visit

Trip To Space
$1.8 million

Those in search of a fantasy flight of a lifetime might want to reserve Virgin Galactic’s six-seater suborbital space plane, which takes flight in 2009.
Before the two-and-a-half-hour trip, passengers will undergo several days of pre-examination and physical fitness preparation in the Mojave Desert. Post-landing, those aboard and one guest head to Necker Island, Branson’s private Bahamian getaway, for four days.

For more information, go to

But in reality, it's nothing material that we give that's the most important in the end. Yes, it's nice to have the excitement of something wrapped and pretty. It's also nice to have something that lasts FAR longer and means much more. And that is the gift of ourselves. The who we are, the what we are and all the "how" we are. The quiet moments, the open sharing, the wonder of someone understanding. These are gifts that remain long after the others are forgotten, broken or no longer needed.

So - going into the wonders of the season - let's go after the wonders of other people and what we can mean to them!


nickwallacesmith said...

i now know what to put on my shopping list - for that life time when i have the money to consult that list! thanks a lot. will be regularly visiting your blog for updates. nick

wd said...

LOL .. thanks Nick. Let me know when are going to order from the list, and I'll try to be there to help you carry the packages. I've had both your blogs bookmarked for some time, and visit both regularly.