Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Early Morning Thoughts ~ waiting and looking

Whether the love is real and physical, lost and still enshrined in the heart or still something to be attained ~ this poem speaks on so many levels. And yes, I'm one that's waiting, but it will be worth it!

Late At Night -
Poem by Nima Youshij

Translated from Sorani Kurdish,
adopted to English and Romanised from Arabic scripts by Dr Rebwar Fatah

At the moment
When the shadows seep
Between branches of the trees

The love of your sweet heart
Is sad for the darkness of night
At that moment
My eyes are watching the road
For you

Late at night
At the moment
When the motionless valleys and hills
Are the body of a soulless snake

At that moment,
When convolvulus, like a lover,
Embraces the bodies of the pine trees
Whether I am in your memory or not
My mind is only with you
In the way that I came to being
My eyes are still watching the road
For you.

(entwined trees from a painting by Patty Torres)

In Romanised Kurdish
Shew diringan

Shew diringan
Lew demeyida sêber le nêwan liqî telacinda
Resh deçinewe
Ewînidarî dillixesiteyî to be tarîkî shew mate
Lew demeyida emin çawim le rêgate

Shew diringan
Lew demeyida ke shîw u doll
Çeshinî cesteyî marî bêgîn
Le bizûtin dademênê

Lew demeyida
Gullî lawilaw desit le bejinî seriwî shaxan dehallênê
Eto yadim bikeyî ya na
Emin bîrim her lelate
Çonê ke bûm
Emin çawim le rêgate

Poem by Persian poet Nima Youshij (1895 - 1969)
Translated from Farsi to Kurdish by Nasir Husami
Translated form Kurdish to English by Dr Rebwar Fatah
Composed by Fariborz Fazari

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