Saturday, June 20, 2009

An Elegant Timewaster - Lovecraftian Lore ~ Early AFternoon Thoughts

It's VERY hot here today - just the kind of day to stay inside and get all those nagging things done that I have been putting off doing . . . and after discovering -->this delightful site<--, will put off even further ... The site is devoted to those dark and deadly seeming card games. Somewhat like playing Dungeons and Dragons, but it moves much more quickly and even somewhat darker. Alas, no gnome tossing or princess rescuing ...

The start of the game looks like this ....

And once you press start game (I would suggest reading how to play first!!!) you will see this --

Nice creepy music and sounds accompany the game play, and no I've lost each time I've played, but there's always the next time

To play the game .... --> CLICK HERE <-- and as always, I'm not responsible for lost time, jobs or - in this case - sleep!!

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Marja said...

Seem to be something for my son