Friday, April 27, 2007

Male Or Female ~ Only The Gender Genie Knows For Sure

Calling All Bloggers/Writers:

Is your writing masculine or feminine? Did you ever wonder? Does it really matter?

Here's a quick assessment tool that really is quite fun. I had a great chuckle at the results.

Find something you have written (it's best if it's over 500 words in length - supposedly it will be more accurate!) and click --->HERE<---. There is a box to paste what you've written - then ask for the analysis - and the first screen looks like this (click on the image to see larger picture):

Which is followed by a detailed analysis of the words used:

Makes for some interesting thinking....


Laurie said...

That is VERY cool! The genie guessed that I was female, but only by 22 points. What fun!

I hope you are feeling better, by the way!

Laurie said...

However this is the score I received when I submitted something from my work:

Female Score: 1174
Male Score: 1480

So apparently I am a female blogger, but a male administrator! Ha!!!

Yen said...

I came up female, but only by about 20 points too. I am a little befuddled about assigning gender to words...