Friday, March 23, 2007

Early Morning Thoughts ~

I had just finished up the Stella Awards (previous post) and had started in on "The Little Engine That Could(n't) for tonight - when there was an incident in the apartment complex where I am currently living. I'm not sure how serious it is as this point, but to let you know - it was scary (and yes, I was), and the police are here in the complex...talking to everyone who's awake anyway.

So, with all that - I'll make it up tomorrow night, when the dust has settled. (and I'll try let you know what happened later...or tomorrow)

****2:06 AM ****
All has settled - what happened was not directed at or in the complex evidently. There was nothing serious as a result - no one injured, etc. To have what sounds like gunshots close by - well, that's a little unsettling.

In the meantime ~ here's an image of the sun from a brand new satellite which will be spending quite a bit of time studying our sun.

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